Keep changing the world. Recycle your cloth diapers.  

Are you finished cloth diapering? Wondering what to do with old cloth diapers?
Send used cloth diapers to Cotton Babies to be recycled. Some recycled diapers support Share The Love, our national cloth diaper bank program. Others are sent to one of our fabric recycling partners. Your cloth diapers have already made the world a better place by reducing mountains of waste. Together, we can keep that cycle going!

How does it work?

  1. Purchase a cloth diaper recycling voucher.
  2. Watch your email for a mailing label for your diapers.
  3. Attach that label to your package.
  4. Drop that package off at the nearest UPS Store or UPS Shipping Center.
  5. We will take care of the rest. 

Each cloth diaper recycling voucher covers the costs related to processing twenty-four (24) used cloth diapers.