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bumGenius cloth diaper accessories are carefully designed to be practical and fashionable. When a family is getting started with cloth diapers, it is helpful to have at least two "Outing" wet bags, and two "Hangout" wet bags. The Outing wet bags fit in your diaper bag and are designed to be used while you're on the go with your baby. The Hangout wet bags work like a hanging diaper pail. We recommend two of each (one to wash and one to use). The Diaper Pail liner is completely washable and reusable. It is sized to work in a standard size kitchen trash can and replaces a traditional plastic can liner. bumGenius Flannel Wipes are an essential addition to every family's cloth diaper kit. Our flannel wipes will completely replace disposable wipes and save a family as much as $5 per week. We recommend purchasing 2-3 wipes per diaper change. Each package of bumGenius Flannel Wipes contains 12 wipes. Extra inserts and doublers are designed to boost the absorbency of your cloth diapers even more when your baby needs it for those extra-long naps or overnights.