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Why Us?

bumGenius has proved that cloth diapers are just as easy as disposables and that anyone can use them — even family members or childcare providers who might be resistant to the idea of cloth diapering.


Cotton Babies owner, Jennifer Labit, cares deeply about the growth of the cloth diapering industry and desires to get cloth diapers into the hands of every family in need.  She was the founding chair of the Real Diaper Industry Association, a 501(c)6 trade association created for cloth diaper retailers, manufacturers, diaper services, media and other parties with an interest in the cloth diaper industry.  Under the leadership of a diverse board, the RDIA is healthy and growing rapidly.  The group works to expand cloth diaper awareness and support industry needs, as the market continues to quickly expand and gain more popularity.

Social Responsibility

Today, Jenn is focused on raising the standard of excellence in the baby and cloth diaper industry through creative designs and unique marketing approaches.  Her goal is to bring more awareness to cloth diapers in an effort to reduce poverty and waste.  She also works to increase the standard of living in the areas in which her company and brands influence.

Cotton Babies reaches out to local families through Share the Love, a non-profit program founded by Cotton Babies, Inc.  Share the Love is a national cloth diaper bank that works to achieve one goal: eliminate diaper need and poverty in our local communities.

Cotton Babies also provides cloth diapers to thousands of missionaries through the Diaper Grant program.